Vendors Management

Set up effective management of the equipment and services suppliers

As a telecoms operator, you are constantly faced with the challenge of optimising your network investments.
Evolving your fixed and mobile networks effectively entails management of the suppliers of the infrastructure equipment and services.

Optimising the work of the suppliers implies experienced management.

The network suppliers become an essential and strategic partner and their management requires expertise and proven experience:
– select the right partners
– control the conformity of the works and practices during the building or implementation
– make sure you have the capacity to implement a professional operation of your network

1. Control the fixed or mobile network implementation process

The first challenge is to succeed with the end-to-end integration of a new network in an heterogeneous environment (multi-manufacturer, multi-technologies) with minimum impact on the continuity of the activities.
The operator must have an end-to-end view of the project in order to challenge the proposals of the equipment manufacturers and integrators employed.

Sewcom AB can accompany you in each key phase of the process:

– Selection of the suppliers: draw up requests for proposals, assess the proposals, select the subcontractors and partners

– End-to-end design of the network: fix the execution criteria and control modalities

– Control of the implementation and integration process: roll-out a methodology and adapted tools to ensure the quality of the work

– Coordination of the players through to delivery to the customer

Sewcom AB also offers you the benefit of skills and expertise transfer (methodology, tools) to your teams, to encourage skills ramp-up in the long term.

2. Combine quality of service and control of the investments

This connection presupposes undertaking on-going arbitration, supported by a clear view of the project progress and the business priorities.

Respect the deadlines for network commissioning
Priority is given to the Time To Market: delays in the network coming on stream can prove to be dramatic in conquering a market

Optimise investments
Savings will result from a network design adapted to the business prospects, then through regular control of the works and configuration during the implementation

No compromise on the quality of service
The installation of a quality acceptance test process leads to a clear improvement in the work undertaken

Lybie: supervision of the deployment of a fibre network of over 8,000 km
Early in 2007, the Libyan authorities decided to modernise their network infrastructure.
LPTIC (Libyan Post Telecommunications & Information Technology Company) chose Sewcom AB to coordinate the different suppliers and make sure they respected their commitments regarding deployment times.

Today, the LPTIC teams are able to manage their suppliers thanks to the skills and expertise transfer and training on Sewcom AB’s methodology.