Value Added Services

ADDING REVENUE STREAMS… And a Richer Experience

The future of the wireless industry is predicated on the delivery and management of value added services. Day by day, VAS services are contributing significantly to operator’s ARPU. On the other hand, as mobile phone has become part of core lifestyle, consumers need to have entertaining, informative, social, utility & productive services. Envisaging the need, Swecom’s VAS portfolio provides a complete ecosystem for the rapid deployment, provisioning, execution and management of value added services.

Swecom, a key player in the mobile VAS space, focused on developing and deploying VAS solutions and applications for media, operators and enterprises across the globe. Swecom specializes in end-to-end enabling of solutions with managed services which bring together content, technology and device expertise to ensure an enhanced digital experience to customers of telcos, media houses and enterprises.

The Swecom portfolio serves multiple domains in Media, Telco and Enterprises offering innovative solutions in messaging, content, voice and data. Swecom brings to the market a broad bouquet of rich content & creative applications.

Swecom’s offering in this area consists of the following suites:


Call Completion Suite enables the operators to offer call completion services through Missed Call Information (MCI), Voice Mail or Voice SMS when B Party is not available to attend the call.

It helps operators to maintain ARPU through airtime minutes, subscription packs or pull based model. Call

Completion Suite is well deployed with the ability of handling 10 million plus calls completion requests per day in the form of missed calls or voice mail or voice SMS.

Platform can be deployed to offer bundles call completion services or individual service


Ring Back Tones (RBT or CRBT) has been Killer VAS Application over the years and is one of most revenue generating service for operators, well-liked by people all over the world to personalize traditional ring back tone with the music of their choice.

Ring Back Tone Platform is one of our flagship products. Our CRBT is continuously being evolved based on user needs, industry trends and technology upgrades.

CRBT Features

– Supported on 3G, GSM, CDMA, fixed line networks with various flavors of SIP based, IN Based, and Switch based solutions.

– Deployed over SDP platform to horizontally add more VAS services.

– Resource Efficient, Cost Effective and well deployed platform serving Millions of subscribers.


Call Filter Suite with its selective-call treatment mechanism grants the subscriber new control over incoming calls.

Call Filter Suite is offering privacy to more than 15 million subscribers & garnering Customer Loyalty.

The Call Filter Suite Comprises of “Smart Call Manager” and “Do Not Disturb” Service.


Low Balance Suite enables the operators to offer call completion services through alternative means of  Call Me, Airtime Transfer, Pay 4 Me and Sponsor Call services . It helps operators to maintain ARPU through airtime minutes which otherwise would have been lost due to low balance.

Low Balance suite can be customized as per needs of operator.


USSD based messaging is alternative as well as complementary to SMS based messaging, but it is much faster. It comes with session oriented interactive service menus thus proving to be an ideal bearer for various user friendly applications. Swecom USSD Gateway Suite with in-built Service Creation Environment & application portal provides mobile operators a platform to offer various call related services, self-care, and info-tainment services to their subscribers.

VASWay inherits the same concept but with much wider choices to operators and service providers, it allows the operator to push info-tainment, advertisements to boost up the content and services adaption and realization rates. VASWay is the state-of-the-art product that Swecom has recently added to its VAS portfolio, enabling a better subscriber experience both on the B2B and B2C segments


Mobile to Internet (M2I) is a revolutionary service which brings all internet suites onto mobile allowing subscribers to send / receive mails, IM/ Gtalk /Skype voice and text chat and social networking over mobile without any internet connectivity.

This is customer oriented service which is being designed taking factors like lower internet penetration and un-reliable internet connectivity into consideration.

A number of M2I services are successfully serving mobile users in that region, eliminating the constraints of power/internet/device availability and turned out true money spinner for the operator.

SMS-Based M2I

Email: Enables subscribers sending, receiving, forwarding and deleting emails

Chat: Enables subscribers chatting on Gtalk/MSN

Social N/W Updates: Enables subscribers access Facebook (update status, send & receive messages, send friend requests etc.) and Twitter

Voice-Based M2I

Voice Chat: Enables talking to online Skype/Gtalk friends

Voice Updates: Enables managing your status through voice update on Facebook/Twitter

With key offerings in the domains of Entertainment, Digital Promotion, Network & Utility VAS, Swecom is uniquely positioned to become a key contributor in shaping the VAS ecosystem. Swecom also has a state of the art Innovation Centre which showcases market driven, innovative applications along with an inventive team of professionals, forever geared up to deliver cutting edge technologies in an ever changing VAS landscape.