Roaming Solutions

Mobile Roaming Market. The roaming market is encountering increased competitive pressure and is forecast to expand as inter-regional travel increases and consumers wish to remain constantly connected via data-hungry smartphone devices.

Swecom Roaming Management Suite is a comprehensive range of products that take operators’ roaming services to new levels of reliability and interactivity with the aim of stimulating roamer loyalty. The end result is an interconnected roaming service with superior quality and a user-specific interface that shines clearly amidst competition promoting SMS and Data Usage among subscribers while gaining a better insight into roamers behaviors and service usability.


Roam Welcome allows mobile operators to send a variety of targeted and personalized SMS messages to inbound and outbound roamers based on a broad range of criteria, including the visited or home network, the customer’s native language, and others.

Roam Welcome takes marketing and media to new heights, providing mobile network operators the opportunity to generate substantial revenue on the roaming business side by sending roamers promotional and sophisticated SMS notifications. These may include warm seasonal greetings, information about the network and various types of services offered, or any other promotional message. This personalized communication helps operators encourage and maintain the roaming customers’ loyalty to the network.

Whether sending a “Welcome,” “Bon Voyage,” “WinBack”, “Thank You”, “Welcome Back” or “Welcome Home” message, operators can rely upon Roam Welcome to deliver specified messages to designated Roamers based on selected preferences.


  •  Unified application to implement different messaging scenarios
  •  buildup roaming revenues by mass announcing offers and promotions
  •  buildup subscribers’ loyalty by showing customer intimacy
  •  Persuasive messages for inbound roamers that churned
  •  Seamless integration with the operator’s network


To fully capitalize on the potential existing in the roaming revenues among roaming partners, carriers are actively seeking viable ways to steer their outbound roamers to partner networks in the visited countries on a real-time basis, while providing them with a home-like experience. Roam Steering provides mobile operators with dynamic remote control over the visited mobile network (VPMN) selection process, enabling them to steer proactively their outbound roamers to preferred networks. This quality and feature-rich solution allows operators to control network selection according to their roaming strategies and interests, and is cost-effective by maximizing profits and alliances while preventing revenue leakage to competitors.

Roam Steering is a standards-based solution (GSMA IR.73) that provides mobile operators a highly granular policy-based real-time control system for automating dynamic rules for which network a subscriber will connect to at any given time.

Border Management Control Steering function of the suite offers increased intelligence to the overall steering mechanism aiding the operator in controlling roaming attempts of subscribers in areas where the coverage is lower than that of neighboring countries’ networks. Border Management Control Steering classifies those accidental registrations to foreign networks near the borders, and applies a set of rejection algorithms to steer the handset back to the home network. This can be translated to a much wider picture to be applied as a Roam Retainer.

Roam Steering suite also includes functions and tools that keeps operators in the competition cycle to increase the number of inbound roamers ending up with increasing roaming revenues.


  • Negotiated SLAs for traffic volumes in a bilateral agreement
  • Strong incentives for operator groups and alliances memberships
  • Crystal clear to other networks and subscribers
  • Flexible steering criteria definition to suit different situations
  • Improved QoE for roamers
  • An intelligent system that knows when to stop
  • Availability of subscriber services, e.g. 3G voice and data


Roam Intelligence provides the operator technical and marketing staff with a powerful analysis tool and an extensive reporting system that ensures a real-time view of what is going on the network in terms of roaming services

With Roam Intelligence, the operator staff can answer various questions related to capturing roamers as they come into the country, retain them for the duration of their stay, and thereby maximize revenue potential.

Essential Information

Roam Intelligence helps you to answer a wide range of technical and commercial questions such as:

  • Which operators should you partner with?
  • Which visiting roamers cannot connect to your network?
  • Which partners should you have CAMEL agreements with?
  • Who is steering against you?
  • Where you are at risk of losing roamers?
  • Where your subscribers cannot connect to partner networks?
  • What is the total available visiting roamer footfall?
  • Are you suffering from network roaming fraud?
  • Are you are a victim of anti-steering?

The actual range of data available, including ratios, is effectively unlimited.


Studies indicate that 40% or more of roamers never actually make a call. They also show that 6% of roaming calls are never completed.

Although roaming charges are coming under increasing regulatory pressure, these figures represent a considerable potential for increased business. Experience in real world operator situations indicates that addressing these issues can boost roaming revenue by as much as 30%.  It can also increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn.   Because the implementation also leads to higher revenues for roaming partners, it can also help you to get better roaming deals and therefore improve margins.

The Virtual Home Environment consists of a series of applications designed to help subscribers, especially inexperienced subscribers, to use their phone as easily as possible while roaming

It does this by correcting the number that a roamer tries to dial. For example, a roamer might be used to dialing a short code to access voice mail at home. When he tries to do this whilst roaming, the VHE system recognizes where he has come from, and corrects the dialed number accordingly.

This can be automatically implemented, or instead the system can ask the subscriber, via a variety of methods, if he wants the number to be corrected.

In addition to correcting specific network short code numbers, the system can manage general numbers that the user might have dialed without, for example, using the appropriate international access codes.

Operator Benefits:

  • Increase the number of successfully completed calls
  • Boost roamers’ satisfaction
  • Continuous and feasible updates on short codes mapping database
  • Seamless operation to roamers

Roamer Benefits:

  • No need to remember international codes
  •  Automatic correction eliminates the need to update phonebook


As the mobile telecom market becomes more competitive, mobile network operators are looking for methods to maximize revenues such as increasing inbound roaming traffic, and reducing their roaming signaling costs.

Smart GLR solution provides the Visited Networks with a legitimate method to significantly reduce the amount of signaling messages sent via its signaling provider to Home Networks. This reduction eventually enables the operator to control inbound roamers’ activities within the network and to reduce expenses. In addition, the Gateway Location Register provides a set of tools enabling the inbound roamer to register into the network, regardless of other decisions made by the HPMN.