Quality of Service

Manage the growth of new uses by improving the user experience of your customers

The rapid increase in the volume of data, in particular associated with fixed and mobile video, is a challenge for the operators’ quality of service and also a threat to their profits: necessity to invest heavily in the network, risk of disappointing customers if there is a drop in usage quality or a malfunction.

Sewcom AB accompanies you in the control of the end-to-end quality of service and responds to the key challenges and issues facing the operators.

1. Analyse the quality of service

Sewcom AB carries out end-to-end measurement campaigns that can assess the quality actually perceived by the customer.
The variety of information sources and measurements offers a rich and contradictory view of what customers experience: studies and satisfaction barometers, analysis of the complaints made to the customer service, network quality measurements, assessment (probes, robots) of the quality of the services.

To improve your quality of service, the first stage of our methodology involves reducing the gap between the quality of experience perceived by your customers (QoE) and the quality of service (QoS) measured by your technical teams.
The prerequisite is to build a reliable measurement of the end-to-end quality of service.

2. Set different quality objectives

Since resources are necessarily limited, the difficulty lies in the arbitration of the resources allocated per service and per customer type. The priority mapping is based on a segmentation of the customer and prospects base to opt, for example, to allocate more bandwidth to B2B customers with high post-paid rates.
In addition to the measurement campaigns, Sewcom AB helps you analyse and assess all the quality of service control elements: to enable you to fix your quality of service priorities.

3. Prioritise the services and control the customer experience

End-to-end quality of service can be value enhanced with your customers and prospects as a differentiating element as regards your competitors, provided all key services are controlled to ensure a positive and lasting customer experience.

To ensure the results obtained are pertinent, Sewcom AB offers a methodology to :
– formalise the processes,
– set up the most efficient decision-making structure,
– establish different modes of communication as regards the customers – in normal situation and in case of malfunction,
– accompany the teams on the measurement and control systems.

Orange: make quality of service a differentiating asset for the Group
Orange uses quality of service as a differentiating element in the AMEA zone.

We accompany Orange in its quality of service management in the AMEA zone, by providing them with homogenous visibility over time on all their subsidiaries.

Sewcom AB consultants carry out two measurement campaigns per year on the 2G and 3G voice and data services in more than 20 subsidiaries.