IT Governance & Transformation

Continually increase the performance of your information systems Operators need reactive and open information systems (IS) in order to develop in demanding competitive markets. Urbanisation enables an information system to be made more flexible and to provide services and products with more value for the operator’s sales, marketing, operational and support managements. Our organisation, architecture and urbanisation consulting offer is designed so that the IS is aligned on the strategy of the operators: either the different IS layers or the organisations and processes ensuring the maintenance and upgrades. Our methodology combines an overall view with pragmatism for swift delivery of the first tangible results. Our Transformation Management Program (TMP) methodology lets you focus on the key IS projects that have a direct impact on your customers. Using the TMP methodology to conduct the urbanisation of your information system guarantees your control of the end-to-end management of your corporate information. The Transformation Management Program involves 3 stages.

1. Analyse and structure: define the initial status for better management of the trajectory towards the objective  Your challenges and issues:

  • The permanent alignment of the IS with your strategy.
  • Greater adaptability of your IS.
  • Better quality and faster supply to the business entities of the IT services.
  • Increased quality of the user experience: greater simplicity for your customers and collaborators.

Our expertise :

  • Assessment of the maturity of your IS regarding the organisation, processes and technologies as per the recognised standards (TOGAF, TM Forum, ITIL, CMMI).
  • Measurement of the value of the application legacy and the possibilities for sharing, re-use or optimisation.
  • Consulting and recommendations on the best urbanisation strategy to implement to minimise the costs and improve performance.

2. Transform and Monitor: launch action plans having a fast business impact Your challenges and issues:

  • Control the transformation of your system by setting up governance and project management.
  • Commitment of the collaborators by sharing the major project advances at all visible and unifying stages.

Our expertise:

  • Our consultants ensure project governance and management per business priority, by launching the projects offering swift success on your activities.
  • With you, we draw up the change support plan that ensures the best commitment of the teams to the project.
  • Our experts commit to on-going improvement of your IS by iteration.

3. Capitalise: ensure the continuity of your projects and the ramp-up in your teams’ skills Your challenges and issues:

  • Duration of the transformation and a gradual transfer of responsibilities to your teams.
  • Common assessment of the results to ensure the coverage of your performance and quality demands.

Our expertise:

  • In a collaborative spirit, our consultants install the capitalisation as of the project launch with the roll-out of training programmes for your teams.
  • Sewcom AB draws up your KPIs with you to ensure mutual comprehension of your objectives.
  • Since collective awareness is necessary at each stage, we know how to celebrate together the successes and draw the lessons from failures to bring about lasting improvements.