IT Consulting

Be different, upgrade your IS IT systems are becoming increasingly agile to meet the operational constraints of management: sales, marketing, operational and support (finance, purchasing, human resources, etc.). Efficient management of the information system demands structuring the activity around recognised standards (TOGAF, TM Forum, ITIL, CMMI). To accompany these changes, we have set up a methodology – Transformation Management Program (TMP) – that guarantees the success of your IT projects. Helping you focus on the key IT projects that will have a direct impact on your customers.

1. Analyse and structure

  • Sewcom AB helps you define the initial status in order to manage the trajectory to your targeted objectives better:
  • Make the IT environment faster, more efficient but also more economic
  • Align your IS on your strategy
  • Improve the quality and speed of IT services supply to contribute towards the global value of your company.
  • Provide a quality customer experience that ensures you stand out through the simplicity, transparency and performance of your IS
  • Increase agility and quality of service to internal users (collaborators) and external users (customers and partners)
  • Control and reduce IT costs

Our expertise

  • We accompany you in the industrialisation of the management of your system to optimise your investments and legacy installations
  • We offer you a better use of the IT resources to improve your operational efficiency
  • We establish a diagnostic of the maturity of your IS regarding the organisation, processes and technologies as per the standards (TOGAF, TM Forum, ITIL, CMMI).
  • We accompany you in the definition and prioritisation of the projects according to their business activity value.

2. Transform and Monitor Sewcom AB enables you to launch action plans having a significant and fast business impact:

  • Take charge of your transformation through the installation of adapted governance and control.
  • Guarantee change management by involving your collaborators in the project .

Our expertise

  • Our consultants prioritise the projects offering swift success on your activities.
  • We accompany you in the choice and integration in your existing IS architecture of innovating technologies and solutions.
  • Our consultants place communication as the leading priority, with the sharing of the major project advances through visible and unifying stages.

3. Capitalise Sewcom AB ensures the continuity of your projects and the ramp-up in your teams’ skills

  • Duration of the transformation and a gradual transfer of responsibilities.
  • Common assessment of the results to ensure the coverage of your performance and quality demands.

Our expertise

  • Our consultants formalise the capitalisation as of the project launch with the roll-out of training programmes for your teams.
  • Sewcom AB draws up your KPIs with you to ensure the comprehension of your objectives.