Business Analysis

Support business requirements and provide the means needed to ensure customer satisfaction The information system is the corporate backbone. It provides essential solutions for all collaborators: office automation and communication tools, intranet, as well as order taking, invoicing and network supervision tools. It accompanies your operator requirements and provides the means needed to ensure customer satisfaction. Sewcom AB offers business analysis to accompany you in the structuring of your strategic objectives and the definition of the functional and technical requirements of your information system. To enhance your overall performance and the satisfaction of your customers, we help you unite the different expertise around operational projects.

1. Securing your projects Sewcom AB consultants offer support:

  • When you encounter difficulties in structuring the initial approach.
  • When you do not possess the expertise or time necessary for managing the projects.
  • When you require specific one-off expertise.
  • When a specific methodological contribution is required: cross-sectional coordination and team management.
  • When the aspect of your project warrants an agnostic and objective external point of view (audit, acceptance test).

2. Accompany the expression of the business activities and translate them into an operational solution

The definition of a target shared by all the project players is the cornerstone of our contract owners assistance methodology. The coordination between project management, contract owners and the business entities is handled by Sewcom AB consultants: you benefit from their unique operator business activity expertise on the functional and technical aspects. The human factor, one of the keys to project success, is an integral part of our leadership culture: team management, coordination, communication, crisis resolution.

3. Evolve your information system while ensuring the quality of the customer experience

For increased agility, we accompany you in the industrialisation phase and employ the best standards and methodologies: TOGAF, TM Forum, ITIL, CMMI. To enhance their usage experience at all times, we assist you in providing your users with a process oriented information system. We accompany you to place your customers at the heart of your information system scalability strategy.

4. Compliance with the defined budget

  • Changes in how the CIO is perceived: move away from perception as a cost centre to perception as a controlled and managed services centre.
  • Prioritisation of the actions according to the value brought to the company.
  • Cost control and compliance with deadlines.

Sewcom AB supports the strategy to harmonise the information system of Orange and of its 21 subsidiaries Sewcom AB accompanied Orange Group IS governance in the deployment of a standardised functional mapping to reduce the IS customisation levels and the associated risks. Sewcom AB employs the TM Forum methodology to share a common architecture standard in 21 countries:

  • 21 subsidiaries – fixed/mobile/broadband – together capitalising their IS experience.
  • 14 TM Forum domains covered in terms of applications, infrastructures and suppliers.
  • Optimisation and re-use of existing infrastructure.
  • The generalisation of the use of best practices in all 21 subsidiaries.