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Swecom AB, is a Management Consulting firm with the mission to provide strategy and advanced management and technology consulting services to companies and institutions in globally.

Swecom AB has its roots from a former IT and telecom consultancy company with more than 25 years’ experience and have executed several successful projects with 100% customers satisfaction.

Through operational excellence and focus on quality and dedication Swecom AB is one of the few companies in its area delivering real valuable services and solutions to its clients. Swecom AB has been into the business for the last few years and is performing its best to give the customers its greatest value. Our employees are skilled in different domains with domain experts guiding them in all the process we do in the Swecom. Quality and service are constant signs of our progress. For this reason we have created points of sale that are ever closer to our customers and have implanted the technical and human resources necessary to constantly satisfy the expectations made of us efficiently an quickly.

90% of our customers are long term customers where the relation has transformed in to a partnership rather than buyer and seller.


Our mission is to provide consultancy services to companies and institutions globally, contributing to achieve their business objectives.

Managing Partners

Swecom AB has its value in the people managing and running it. The structure of the company is based on Managing Partners who have several years of executive and managerial experiences from leading international companies with a broad educational background and experience in Engineering and Industrial Management.

Tommy Ekström
CEO – Swecom AB
Mr. Ekström with more than 25 years experience from TOP management positions providing successful turnkey solutions to enterprises, institutions, governments and Municipalities with advanced ICT services. This services ranged from the vision, analyses, design, planning and implementation of the infrastructure to development and roll-out of the services.
Mr. Ekström as the CEO of Song Networks, during 1995-2003 managed successfully the roll out of more than 14,000 km fiber optics network all over Scandinavian and Europe as the backbone for today’s FTTX projects. This multibillion dollar project was and still is one of the biggest networking projects ever within Europe that has successfully been deployed and operated. TDC acquired Song Networks 2004.

Mr. Ekström also served as the Chief Technical Officer of TDC Song Holding AB (formerly, Song Networks Holding AB).

Mr. Ekström has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Sting Networks AB 2003-2008.

Mr. Ekström has served as a Project Manager of Ericsson AB overseeing major global projects from 1982 to 1990. Prior to this assignment, he was Project Manager with Motorola AB and held a senior position at Europolitan where he was responsible for the implementation of the fixed part of the mobile network and for business development. Mr. Ekström was also a Board Member of Sting Networks AB.

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